The Flow Evaluation
Welcome to this self-evaluation of your current level of flow. 
It's based on Mihály Csíkszentmihályi's Flow theory.
This is a prototype for what will soon become a Happiness-Hacking tool.
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As a {{answer_40736904}} in this {{answer_40732435}} situation, what was your level of motivation? *

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The Flow Zone.

Did you experience flow? Congratulations! You obviously had high motivation, which is a key condition for flow.  Your perceived challenge and skills in this specific meeting were in balance and high enough to create flow for you. While being in the flow, be aware of not loosing track of the process and time. If you are the only one in the flow, you are at risk of zoning out from others. You can help others and the whole group to find (and maintain) their flow, by bringing more structure to the process and timing of this {{answer_40732435}} situation.
The Challenge Zone.

You're used to firefighting, and maybe even enjoy the rush. You might have difficulties to prioritise your To Do’s. Even when you're motivated, you're still more focused on getting things done instead of developing yourself and learning new skills. In this {{answer_40732435}} situation, your challenge level felt too high compared to your perceived skills. In order for you to reach flow you need to lower your challenges or increase your skills. You would benefit from taking more time to learn new skills for handling {{answer_40732435}} situations.
The Comfort Zone.

You had enough skills for this {{answer_40732435}} situation, but there wasn’t enough challenge to keep you focused and on your toes. Maybe you're used to feeling so comfortable that you don’t have the motivation to push yourself out of your comfort zone and pursue flow. If you don’t do anything about this, there is a risk that you might fall into the Slow Death zone. If you want to be in the flow, you need new challenges to help you step out of your comfort zone. You can challenge yourself by taking a new active role in {{answer_40732435}} situations to help the group. You can do this for example by collecting the valuable meeting outputs as a “harvester” or leading the meeting differently as a “host” instead of a “facilitator”.
The Slow Death Zone.

You didn’t feel challenged in this {{answer_40732435}} situation. Maybe you didn’t even want to be involved. You most likely chose to do just enough to get through the meeting. Motivation is the key focus in this zone. How much do you want to feel motivated? If you want to reach flow, you can always choose to learn and challenge yourself. You could try taking on a new role in your meetings to serve the group’s purpose, and find new ways to enjoy interacting with others.
Thank you for using this prototype!
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